A fresh new look at traditional study abroad fairs.​

Managed by Global Academic Bridge
From the database of the top 100 schools that includes
academic aptitude and financial capacity.

① High schools with a consolidated test score of at least 60%

② High schools with over 5% applicants who wants to study abroad

③ High schools with 30% or more graduates who enter top university

④ High schools with above average tuition fees

High schools are selected based on these criteria and invite only those who wish to study abroad.

To a more accurate study abroad fair!

Although there are a lot of participants, it is difficult to hand-pick excellent students from large number of people.

The event is too overwhelming and I can’t afford to waste time in interviewing participants.

It is difficult to grasp concrete figures and markets from visitors of various layers

Screening is easy because we only invite a limited number of schools!

Since we regulate admission through organized timeslots, we can focus on interviews!

Building realistic local voice and relationships at social gatherings with local school instructors and principals!