Hello everyone, I’m Fukumura from Indonesia!

Indonesia is currently in the midst of Ramadan. It will be Lebaran next week. The heated intense activity in the education sector is also picking up in this hot country.

Representatives from Kyoto University came to Indonesia for a two-day visit on May 7th and 8th last month.

I have visited a local high school in Indonesia for the international student field survey and on-site promotion about the international program which will start a doctorate program in English starting 2018 in Kyoto University.

The new international program of Kyoto University is a bachelor degree program that combines semiannual pre-faculty education and 4-year undergraduate education. It is a new program that opens the door to excellent talent from all over the world regardless of Japanese ability at the time of admission. Students will study basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and etc. in English during a preparation period of 6 months. For the first two years, they will learn English as the main language to be used for basic education subjects. At the same time, they will also continue studying Japanese. After that, on the 3rd year, they will learn more specialized subjects of undergraduate mainly in Japanese.

While it was only a two-day visit to Indonesia, I visited three high schools and the Japanese embassy for Indonesia in Indonesia. At each high school, we met with teachers who are in charge of career guidance for the students, which is common among high schools in Indonesia, and we introduced to them the new international program of Kyoto University. It was a meaningful visit, meeting with very interesting and enthusiastic teachers from each school and positively discuss inquiries. When I was at the schools, teachers provided a variety of Indonesian snacks, while having a meeting with them. I enjoyed their Indonesian food, this also deepened my understanding of Indonesia.

In this program, special scholarship programs are also offered by Kyoto University, so there are more options for students who need financial assistance. There was a brilliant student who qualified and earn a ticket to Kyoto University. Since we also had a discourse at their high school, I will share the story of these students at a later date.

Kyoto University is also planning to increase the acceptance capacity in the future, not only Indonesia, we are considering on boosting public relations to the ASEAN region where growth is particularly remarkable.

Through meaningful local high school visits, they pledged to revisit Indonesia and the high school teachers and when they get back home. We will continue to build relationships and strengthen relationships between universities and high schools.

We will also firmly strengthen our relationship with the local high school every day and as much as possible, lessen the impact of having obstacles between local high schools and educational institutions.



At Global Academic Bridge (GAB), we offer promotional support for universities to the high school markets in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. GAB has a local office in each country, possesses information on local high schools which is difficult to easily obtain in Japan, and has established a relationship with the teachers of each school.

There are educational circumstances and educational standards of each country that can be understood for the first time by directly seeing the educational environment directly on the site itself. If you are interested about information on the local educational institutions, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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